The Magical Unicorn MasterClass

Create an astounding cake design composition. 

Whether you’re experienced or new to cake design, learn the art, skill, and magic of modeling the Magical Unicorn with Dionis Iaravoi.  

Fun & Easy.

The most frequent question

«How Can I Make It?
It’s Too Complex!»

This masterclass is designed for anyone and everyone. 
You don’t need any skill or talent, just an open mind and a strong desire to learn. Benefit now from step-by-step guidance and learn through practice all the elements of modeling The Magical Unicorn. 
You will walk away with everything you need to unlock your full potential. 

Fresh Begginners

The first step is the hardest, but this masterclass is not. It’s easy-peasy and fun. 

Intermediate Proffessionals

You’ve got the creativity and the skills, you have some practice but want to try something new? 

I will teach you, come and learn!

Advanced Masters

Learners who are already in the industry and nailing it can learn even further and nail it! BINGO!

1. Learn The Secret of Materials

  • Set up your space & prepare for an outstanding result                                           
  • Discover the mystery behind the materials, all easily to be found 
  • Learn about the usage of sugar paste and how you can play & mix the colors according to tested techniques 
  • Find out tips & tricks for a great composition

2. Practice Framing & Modeling

  • Get access to 4 video lessons with  detailed demonstrations step-by-step
  • Learn the skill of wireframing for a long-lasting composition 
  • Reveal the true art of sculpting &   modeling from top cake design master in the UK
  • Experiment, enjoy & come back whenever you need. The access stays open for 6 months; the skills remain with you forever

3. Bring Your Art to Life with Creativity 

  • Learn the framework, but gain the freedom to find your unique style in cake design
  • Find motivation & inspiration to develop your further knowledge 
  • Have your private space to practice & benefit from individual support at every step
  • Play with your imagination & creativity to create your own art. You can make it!

Dionis Iarovoi

Dionis Iarovoi is the whole and soul of Di Cake Studio. He has over 13 years of hands-on experience as a cake design master.  Over 3000 students, from over 80 worldwide countries took his online & offline classes. 

His social media has been over-growing and so is his reach.


Having worked with so many companies and chefs, I have got the knack of how to be with people, understand them and leave a smile on their faces.
One of the best qualities that I possess is that I can help and motivate people to do their best.
Everything is possible, never give up, you can create all the things you imagine.

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